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In order to keep your compressed air system in optimum working condition we recommend a regular service regime.  We will gladly develope a maintenance program for you, based on your type of equipment and hours of operation.


Normally these services are performed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


Once the frequency of service is determined, we will notify you, well in advance, to schedule a mutually convenient time to do the service.


In addition, during our regularly scheduled service call, we will inspect the overall condition of your compressor and other related air-processing equipment.  Based on our findings, we will inform you of any recommended repairs, and provide you with an explanation of why we consider them necessary.  We will also prepare an itemized repair quote if requested.  No additional work will be performed without your approval.


We realize how important your compressed air equipment is to the operation of your business.  Without proper maintenance it will most likely fail, and that means unscheduled downtime.  With a preventative maintenance program in place, you will enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that your air system is not going to fail due to lack of proper attention.


Referrals are available if you would like to check on our performance and customer satisfaction.


Thank you.